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Renovation vs Hell….Hmmm, Tough choice Chap. #2

Chapter 2 So, you know your in renovation mode when the sound of power tools gets you happy and not irritated. This is of course, because that sound means work is progressing fine, a good beginning for the blog today.   It’s only the second day of my two bath renovation at my home and […]


Renovation vs Hell….Hmmm, Tough choice Chap. #1

Chapter one. Demo Day  As both a home owner and a blogger on this site, I hold the unique position of being able to write about the benefits of particular designs and styles over another; while at the same time mull over its cost to install and the durability of the selection (how long the […]


Current CNC3 Season Ends, More filming in the works!

As you may know (or maybe not), the current season of our beloved series has come to an end on CNC3…… for now. The past ten weeks have been great, and, I met a lot of interesting people and filmed a lot of great properties along the way. The season was great for more than […]