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What’s the right time to leave the nest?

The question of home ownership is important, but there is also the question of personal space and the need some times to rent before you buy. Young adults particularly will be motivated to move out of the family home for reasons of personal space and privacy, and the independence that comes with deciding what color […]


Renovation vs Hell …..Hmmm, Less of a tough choice by day three.

Chapter 3 Ok I will admit, the thought of starting work on my bathrooms in the ongoing renovation of my home was not an easy one to accept. After the horror stories of the past workers I have had to deal with, starting work on this was’nt one that I jumped at, but alas, Its […]


Golden Key Real Estate Joins the Real Spaces Family!

  Well known Real Estate Agency Golden Key Real Estate is now a part of the Real Spaces Family. Specializing in affordable and attractive properties , the niche of this agency is in the East of Trinidad. I met with Adrian De Souza of Golden Key some time ago, at the First Citizens Sponsored Mortgage […]