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Did you know that every year we produce a new season of our television series Real Spaces for broadcast on local stations? Yep, Each year we produce a 10 to 12 episode season for broadcast and invite home decor stores and service providers that work within the industry to showcase their talent, skills and services to persons on the market for a new home or commercial space.

Did you also know that we are always willing to welcome all enquiries for advertising, even if you don’t have a television ad? Packages can also be tailored for your budget and offer production of ads, production of special features and even offer spots in new episodes of our current season.

For 2013, Real Spaces will be on air from March to May on weekends, lookout for updates on the new days and times of the upcoming season.

Be sure to visit our youtube channel to catch up on our full range of videos just click here

Thanks from the Real Spaces Team!

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