Independence Day Decor

There are so many simple ways to let your home’s décor reflect your national pride this independence day- without picking up a paintbrush.

Think of your home as a blank canvas that you can decorate in anyway that you want. Most people are not so confident when it comes to adding colour to their space and choose to go to “safe colours” like neutrals and pastels- which is fine if that is to your taste. Red, white and black are bold colours that can have major impact and can be incorporated into any décor more easily that you think.


Strategic placement of books


 You don’t even need to have a large bookshelf in order to do this. You can take your favourite reading material and strategically place them around a room (coffee table, bedside table, kitchen counter, et c)


Throw pillows


Throw pillows are an inexpensive and can mix and match these in any way that you wish by using solid colours, prints or metallic beadwork. The best part is that they are replaceable. When you get tired, all you need to do is switch them out to something that better suits your mood.


Curtains or Draping


Window coverings can make such a dramatic statement in any room. You can use solid colours with a contrasting colour as a tieback (e.g.: black curtains with a red tieback), or funky prints to contrast with a solid colour wall. Choose your patterns/ prints wisely to keep the room from looking overwhelmed.




Framed prints and paintings always add a finished look to any room. The art that you love and display expresses volumes about your personality, so you shouldn’t be hesitant to add some large, bold pieces of art on your walls. There are tons of local artists that you can contact for pieces (paintings, sculptures, candles, et c) or you can make your own.

Adding our national colours to a room can be very easy and inexpensive. If you work at it little by little, transforming your real space through these handy tips or through other ideas like adding furniture, carpeting or rugs or even through displaying red, white and black baubles in a glass bowl on your dining table is just within your reach.

How are you showing your national pride through your real space? Share your decorating ideas with our community and let’s take this discussion a little further!