Pre-Approved Mortgage Certificate

The Pre- Approval Certificate from First Citizens

· The process of searching for your dream home can be a daunting one as in many instances, customers are un aware of how much they qualify for to make this purchase.
· This often results in wastage of time and finances on items which are not within their qualifying limit.
· As a result of this, First Citizens has created a tool to empower customers and make their home search as smooth as possible; the First Citizens Pre Approved Certificate

The Pre Approval Certificate

· This Certificate is an official document which gives the customer a clear idea of how much they qualify for given an overview of their financial position.
· This arms the customer with valuable information, making them more confident in this process and kick starts the processing of their application.
· This certificate, is an exciting tool that our customers can now use to show real estate agents as an indication that they have been pre-approved for a facility.

The benefits of being Pre Approved
It’s so EASY! No documents are required to get pre approved
It empowers you because you know how much you qualify for in advance
It saves you time when you know what price range of properties to consider
It helps you to get better service from real estate agents as they treat you
more highly when you are pre approved
Best of all its FREE!

So come into any branch today and get pre approved!

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