Real Spaces on location at D Rite Stuff

Recently, Our main Sponsors First Citizens approached us to produce a segment on their new Pre-Approval Mortgage Certificate. Normally, we try to make these segments both informative while offering some imagery or location that is in keeping with the them of the series. As our customers tend to be renters seeking homes for sale, or new homeowners seeking decoration tips on this new place, this imagery can sometimes be in the direction of decor, construction or renovation themes. So, for this tip we turned to our friends at D Rite Stuff.

With branches in West Mall, Ellerslie Mall, Grand Bazzar and Long Circular Mall, D Rite Stuff is known in the West and upper Port of Spain as “The Brand” in home supplies. However, according to store manager, Bryan, “We are trying to gain some visibility with customers in the East, Central and other parts of the Country and not just for those customers that hail from the North- West”.

No suprise then that we were given a warm welcome to the LCM branch one evening after closing, to shoot our brand new tip with our favorite rep of FC, Pasea of their Movietowne branch. Like any true star, Pasea just needs one name.

The shoot was great and the tip was well worth pulling out all the gear it takes to shoot on location! (which can be a lot) Now, customers of FC can be Pre approved for their mortgage loan and take an actual certificate to the agents, showing that they are indeed approved for the property range they are shopping in. A great way to get the ball rolling much faster as an individual on a house shopping exercise.

Great job to Pasea and her husband that is always quietly present and supporting her on all video shoots, not to mention to Bryan and his sister, who were more than happy to help out!

Real Spaces saying thanks guys for another great shoot!