Renovation vs Hell …..Hmmm, Less of a tough choice by day three.

Chapter 3

Ok I will admit, the thought of starting work on my bathrooms in the ongoing renovation of my home was not an easy one to accept. After the horror stories of the past workers I have had to deal with, starting work on this was’nt one that I jumped at, but alas, Its had to be done.

I followed the advice of my sometimes annoying, sometimes concerning, but full time weird friend Kim. She proposed that I hire her dad as my plumber to do the preliminary stuff. I did, and lemmie just say, he seems to be Kims’ dad for real…… Anyway my new water heater and the pipes it required were installed and the next steps were the stuff that made Chapter One and Two great reading, hopefully.







After the drama that followed the first two days, the third day of work was actually what you would want it to be. The day started early and the tilemen showed up with a much needed bag of cement. The demolition done, it was time for the tile to go up and the reconstruction of the baths to be done. I took pride in seeing the tile that I selected go up and take shape, prior to that, the bath had been the same for so many years that it seemed too difficult to see it in any other design. The work of retiling was done in quick time and the masonry that came with that also called for the work to divert to the installation of two new windows.

Im happy to say that the tile and last bit of plumbing was completed with the expected work, but no more than that. Or so I thought, the last word I got in the plumbing for the toilet brought an interesting situation. Apparently, the waste line that was installed in my bathrooms some 35 years ago was placed into the floor, some 10 inches away from the adjacent wall. Today, most of the toilet sets that are sold on the market are designed for a minimum 12 inch clearance from the wall. This, is no small problem.

The options put to me were to, either to get different sets that were more inline with the older design, or to update the waste line position by breaking ground and moving the line forward. After some thought I decided to go ahead and reposition the line.The logic being if in the future there is a need to replace the toilet set again, there will be more of the updated designs than that of the older ones, and I will just be putting off having to move the line then. So, just do it now.

Im on to installing the final touches like the lighting, mirrors, cupboards and more in the rooms until the lines are moved and the toilets are done. Although sometimes scary and always costly, seeing the changes take shape, is worth it.

The last of this story will be done when the both rooms are completed and the pics of my finished baths will be proudly posted. Till then, this is my saying that you really should get as much advice as you can before you make your first purchase of items for your renovation of any room. This is important as the installation is always going to come with its own challenges and more than likely, the first guy that tells you “Yeah, that go work”, is not the guy you might wanna take advice from!