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Selling your home? Tips to get more from your sale!

By Rhea-Simone Auguste

(c) Moon Light Rental Ltd.


If you have decided to sell or rent your home, one of the first things you should do is walk the perimeter of your premises and critique your property. Imagine you are a prospective buyer/renter looking at the place for the first time. Is your property clean, well-maintained and free from defects? Is the yard clear of “junk” and debris and inviting to buyers who may have children and want the yard clutter-free?

Sometimes it may be difficult to see your home as anything but your home. It has been your sanctuary and all of the quirks and eccentricities that you added gave it the personal touches. However, prospective buyers/renters are less interested in personal touches and more interested in getting the best property for their money. They are looking for a perfect solution to their housing problem or an investment in a property that will yield a profit in years to come. The less problems they see with the property upfront – the better.

Most sellers are not interested in spending pre-sale of a house because they think it would cost too much to do so. But there are untold benefits of sprucing up your property before prospective buyers see it and topping the list of benefits is – your property can be soldfaster with minor improvements.

Here are some quick and inexpensive tips to improve the look of your home for prospective buyers/renters courtesy Moon Light Rental Ltd:

  1. De-clutter your yard! The first thing prospective customers see is your yard. If you have a lawn, have it trimmed before showings and ensure all walkways, drains and concrete areas are free of mould and dirt by power-washing or scrubbing with a solution of bleach and water. A clean yard is an inviting yard.
  2. Front porches/galleries should also be cleaned and made to look inviting to people who enjoy entertaining. If you have a nice patio set or simple chairs and an outside mat – arrange them as though you were expecting company. If the house is being sold/rented unfurnished – consider touch-painting so all surfaces look fresh and new.
  3. Inside the house: Two areas of a house can make/break a potential sale/rental – the kitchen and the bathroom(s). These areas MUST be cleaned thoroughly and the kitchen cupboards should be inspected pre-showing to ensure no insects have made your cupboards their home. The last thing a prospective customer wants is to open a cupboard and have a cockroach jump out and greet them. If your home has had problems with ants, invest in a simple TERRO liquid ant bait solution and place baits a few days before showings. Remember to remove all baits and dead insects before you show your place.
  4. Check your bathrooms and toilets thoroughly before you let prospective customers see your place. Make sure toilets are scrubbed clean and bathroom surfaces look clean to touch. Essentially your prospective customers should feel like the house is in move-in condition immediately.

You would be surprised to know the value of your property could go up by simply painting, power-washing and preparing it prior to a valuation or a sale.

Thinking about selling/renting your property? Give us a call at 221-8550 or 773-5468. Looking for a place to buy/rent, give us a call and let’s see if we could match you to your dream home.

Got Junk? Real Spaces launches our free classifieds for persons selling or seeking stuff!

If your moving into or out of, most likely you will be on either side of the argument, but most times a person just moving out of an apartment, office or other location, is bound to have stuff that another person just moving into one will need. Enter the Real Spaces Classifieds. This is a free feature for all our visitors to reach out to persons that are pretty much going through the same drama you are, moving! So, its a great place to hawk your items that kept you company since you signed the lease, a year or two, or more ago!

You know what im talking about, If your moving from an apartment with a lawn that warranted your getting a plug in little trimmer for the 6 x 9 plot you so adored when it was yours to manicure, what are you going to do with it if your heading to a third floor apartment?

Sell, rent, or just give the stuff away, we don’t really need to know…….just know this! we will be screening images and ads posted, so keep your adult books and other items of your secret stash……secret! No one is gonna wanna buy  it any way.

Categories like kids and baby, appliances, gardening and plants, gaming and musical supplies are all there and if you need us to add a section or two, please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add it. 🙂


Current CNC3 Season Ends, More filming in the works!

As you may know (or maybe not), the current season of our beloved series has come to an end on CNC3…… for now. The past ten weeks have been great, and, I met a lot of interesting people and filmed a lot of great properties along the way. The season was great for more than those reasons too, a new station was used for the series, now in its third year, and we attracted a lot of new viewers. We also launched our Real Spaces Financing Program, this is kinda a big deal for me as I’ve been working on this project for some time and having stores elect to have the program included into their in-store marketing was a big step in making the Real Spaces name, more than just a television series.

Over the years, the series has actually helped a lot of persons in the various areas that it was designed to. Each week, we get emails and phone calls enquiring about properties featured on the series, and even more about those that are found my internet browsers, looking for information on properties to make their new home, or as we say, “their next Real Space”.

This is a personal growth experience for me as well. As the producer of the series I faced many challenges in getting this show to air, and in all, as much as four or five years have gone into this project in one way or another. Good thing tho, I think the time spent making the Real Spaces idea into a real working platform for sales and marketing of local real estate has been to the benefit of all who may have browsed the site, watched the series, followed up with a call to the mortgage officers or real estate agents, or had their properties filmed and featured.

Not least of all, me, I have certainly benefited from the experience of making the series a continued success at the end of this, its fourth season (some years have had two seasons). I’ve learned about the demand for properties in Trinidad and Tobago and the price range and locations most targeted etc. etc. (trade secret BTW) but what I think i learned the most, was how many people through their conversations with me during their queries about properties, have expressed their dream of home ownership.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of Trinibagonians are seeking their slice of our version of the dream. The dream of homeownership……… some may have not have ventured the thought, but having the system in place to have a viewer call and be put in direct contact with an actual mortgage specialist is a step that many have never even thought would happen. This for me, is one of the best parts of this project. I think if many years from now the series ends (hopefully many many years from now) and we had assisted in placing families into homes across T&T, even in our little, way it would have been worth it.

Until the next season begins, or the next incarnation of the Real Spaces brand appears, Thanks for browsing, reading, watching, using and hopefully liking, Real Spaces.