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Approaching the end of our Fifth Season

Hopefully you have noticed that we have been broadcasting on TV6 for the past few months, although we have had a few pre-emptions due to live cricket, the season has attracted a number of new viewers, visitors to our site and we also added a new agency( Shout out to NEALCO Real Estate).

Now, with just a few episodes left, we are approaching the end of another successful season. The new listings agents, viewers and website visitors have all been a great sign that our brand and service is continuing to grow in appeal and reach.

Although the series will be between seasons, we will be continuing to visit properties across T&T and film videos for our website, so if you enjoy seeing the homes on the market, there will be many more coming soon to keep you updated between seasons.

There are plans in the works for a new season, that may be going to air soon, but lips are sealed on the details. Until then, feel free to contact us to have your property, or that of someone you know…., to be added to the upcoming series and website…. and thanks for watching or visiting.

A Fun Time Filming a Golf Resort in Tobago.

Recently, I was asked to visit our lovely sister island of Tobago, to film and photograph a resort that will be placed on the International market for sale. This was the first property outside of Trinidad that I have been asked to film, and certainly the first International Resort! It was my first time on a golf course too, and with  156 acres to visit, the shoot was sure to take the fully day that we booked for the production.

I met with Roger the agent at the airport and we boarded the Caribbean Airlines flight for the 15 minute flight over. Landed Safely, we were on the drive to the hotel when I thought “That was the easy part”, As the challenges were stacked against me having a smooth shoot. The weather, the time allotted for the shoot, and the limited resources I took along with me on the flight, meant that I had to keep to the schedule of shooting all day long to get the footage I needed. Any bad shots or shaky   moves that I normally identify in post and remove from the edit, I opted to dump directly off the flash cards on the spot. It saved the much needed space on the memory cards and also helped a lot in the edit stage.

Getting Started

Normally, when I’m on a shoot, I begin with a simple walk through of the property to get a feel for the space and to help me identify specific details of the property that I then use in the narration. With this much space to tour however, that was not going to be feasible. I had been to the resort before tho, about five years ago I stayed a weekend for a friends’ wedding. She got married on the resort’s private beachfront. I did not go wandering off tho, so to be honest,I never saw all of resort there was to see.

When we got to the location the first thing my Agent / Guide did, was secure a golf cart to take us across the entire course for the shots needed. The weather was cooperating and we had to make the best of the shots while we could. The Rainy season was in full swing already, and if you’ve ever been in Trinidad or Tobago during the rainy season, you’ll understand how quickly the sun can be drowned out with torrential rains, only to have blistering sun again within minutes of the downpour.

Real Four Wheeler!

This was one of the highlights of the trip, truth be told, I’d never been on a golf cart before and was amazed at how easily it navigated the course. We shot angles, reverse shots, and even got some shots of golfers teeing off, (With their permission of course). We were well on our way to shooting the entire eighteen hole golf course when, you guessed it, the rains came.

We decided to seek shelter at a little hut when, while navigating an uphill bit of now muddy track, we got stuck. Im happy to report that with a little elbow grease and some surprising strength I honestly though I lost along with my gym membership, I was able to pull the cart out of the ditch with dear Roger the agent driving. Yes pull, not push people, standing behind a sliding golf cart on a muddy uphill track in the rain, isn’t a good idea!

The rest of the shoot went well. and by night fall we had managed to cover the entire golf course, beach front, pool, lobby and even squeezed in two delicious burgers, (medium-well) Salad and a pot of coffee for a late lunch. By the evening Roger had left me to it, and I went on to film the suites and cabanas of the hotel all in time to catch the ten pm flight back home.

I must say, in the three (or maybe four) years I’ve been filming this series, this certainly was the largest and most exhilarating shoot I’ve been on. The location, tho dated, certainly is a gem of a location and I will have fond memories of this shoot as one of the most exciting and informative. Needless to say, I’m gonna have a go at learning the game of golf after such a fun day on the course.


New Agents on 5th Season of Real Spaces

The next season of our hit series will begin broadcasting in March and will feature a host of new agents and properties. The Real Spaces family has grown in the last year with additions like Tucker Real Estate and Golden Key, coming onboard with their listings.

We have also received interest from interior decorators and other suppliers that will be contributing to the content, making the new season more exciting for viewers interested in decorating their newly rented or purchased property. Viewer participation is also being tweaked with correspondence with the producers through our website and email, for weekly questions and trivia, all designed to boost the viewer participation and making our series a continued success.

So, from the production team of Real Spaces to our valued readers and viewers, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to more exciting productions.

STOP RENTING! Make the move to home ownership.

By Rhea-Simone Auguste

© Moon Light Rental Ltd.

Inflation and the high price of properties in popular areas have led to a mass dependence on rent. Many young people think they cannot afford a place of their own so they opt to pay rent for years. The average 2 bedroom apartment along the East/West corridor costs approximately $3000 per month. That quickly turns into $36,000 a year and in five years, you would have spent close to $180,000 on SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY.

So, here’s the big question – how do you break the cycle of rent dependence and move to home ownership? It’s simple if you take things in small steps.

  1. Your down payment. To own a property, you must have the down payment and that means having at least 10% of the cost of the property you are interested in having. If you currently have a savings account and you are gainfully employed, I would recommend visiting your bank of choice to do a pre-qualification for mortgage. Your bankers would let you know how much you qualify for right now based on your savings and income.
  2. Start looking or let Moon Light Rental Ltd. do the looking for you. Looking at information in the classifed’s section of a newspaper is a great way to find properties but finding the time to do viewings repeatedly can be tedious. What we do is, we take your information and we scour the market – networking with other agents and collecting photographs to give you online viewings and our personal, honest opinion on properties. Trust me, if we see a house with termites in the roof or is in a flood-prone area – We will tell you because that’s just the Moon Light way of doing business. We love it when the right buyer finds the perfect space to call home.
  3. Consider building instead of buying pre-built. Here’s the thing, you can get land at a reasonable price and build in parts. Start with what your immediate needs are – a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room and then add bedrooms as you go along. This allows you to be flexible and you have more say in what your final product should look like. Plus – the added benefit to building your home is the value of your property will likely increase when you’ve finished building. Don’t be intimidated by building – embrace it and have fun picking your tiles, your fixtures and your paints. It’s a wonderful personal project to get involved in.

Home ownership is closer than you think. For more guidance tips and information, call Moon Light Rental Ltd now 221-8550 and let us take you from renter to owner this year.

Real Spaces is Expanding, writers / bloggers welcomed!

If you or someone you know is interested in contributing to our blog, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you. Real Spaces is fast becoming a Real Estate Marketing Brand in Trinidad and Tobago that speaks to the needs of both the Real Estate Market as well as the home owners that are renovating, refurbishing and reinventing their Real Spaces!

Got an article? Or just interested in trying out your skills………we’re waiting to hear from you…..:)

Got Junk? Real Spaces launches our free classifieds for persons selling or seeking stuff!

If your moving into or out of, most likely you will be on either side of the argument, but most times a person just moving out of an apartment, office or other location, is bound to have stuff that another person just moving into one will need. Enter the Real Spaces Classifieds. This is a free feature for all our visitors to reach out to persons that are pretty much going through the same drama you are, moving! So, its a great place to hawk your items that kept you company since you signed the lease, a year or two, or more ago!

You know what im talking about, If your moving from an apartment with a lawn that warranted your getting a plug in little trimmer for the 6 x 9 plot you so adored when it was yours to manicure, what are you going to do with it if your heading to a third floor apartment?

Sell, rent, or just give the stuff away, we don’t really need to know…….just know this! we will be screening images and ads posted, so keep your adult books and other items of your secret stash……secret! No one is gonna wanna buy  it any way.

Categories like kids and baby, appliances, gardening and plants, gaming and musical supplies are all there and if you need us to add a section or two, please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add it. 🙂


Tucker Real Estate Joins the Real Spaces family!

Seasoned Real Estate Professionals Tucker Real Estate, has joined the line up of agents that will be featuring properties on our website and of course, our television series Real Spaces. The agency signed up today and already has listings to have added to our pages as well as property to film for our upcoming season on CNC3.

Speaking with Ms. Tucker today revealed that the agency has a list of properties that they will be adding soon and will also be featuring all videos on their website and facebook page along with the exposure that Real Spaces will offer.

We say “Welcome” to Tucker Real Estate, and look forward to lots of properties from this team in the coming months.

Real Spaces Television Series to appear on ADNET screens at HILO stores nationwide

Real Spaces, the real estate television production of T&T that features scores of properties for rent and sale on the Trinidad and Tobago market will be making its debut on screens at the popular supermarket chain HILO by the end of June 2012. This, as a working relationship with the owners of the network of closet circuit LCD screens ADNET, has entered into an agreement to carry up-to-date content of the series.

Executive Producers Basil Lai Entertainment, will also be offering advertisers and sponsors, spot placement into the content and a specially developed on-screen interface is being produced for exclusive use through this portal.

Shoppers will be able to see listings immediately on screen while shopping for groceries or waiting in the check out line, with all querries being directed to the website developed for the series, www.realspacestt.com

Real Spaces Re-runs on Gayelle the Channel

To all our loyal viewers, Real Spaces will airing repeats of our last season every Thursday at 8pm on Gayelle the Channel. This means that all new viewers will now be able to see our series in Barbados, Grenada, Suriname, Jamaica as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

We will be welcoming viewers from all participating Caribbean Islands to send in requests on property listings as this is just the first phase of our entry into the Barbados and Grenada markets and would like the opinions of the viewership of these new territories.

Stay tuned and keep sending your emails as we get ready to include more properties onto our listings and take the Real Spaces brand regional.




Selling your home? Tips to get more from your sale!

By Rhea-Simone Auguste

(c) Moon Light Rental Ltd.

If you have decided to sell or rent your home, one of the first things you should do is walk the perimeter of your premises and critique your property. Imagine you are a prospective buyer/renter looking at the place for the first time. Is your property clean, well-maintained and free from defects? Is the yard clear of “junk” and debris and inviting to buyers who may have children and want the yard clutter-free?

Sometimes it may be difficult to see your home as anything but your home. It has been your sanctuary and all of the quirks and eccentricities that you added gave it the personal touches. However, prospective buyers/renters are less interested in personal touches and more interested in getting the best property for their money. They are looking for a perfect solution to their housing problem or an investment in a property that will yield a profit in years to come. The less problems they see with the property upfront – the better.

Most sellers are not interested in spending pre-sale of a house because they think it would cost too much to do so. But there are untold benefits of sprucing up your property before prospective buyers see it and topping the list of benefits is – your property can be soldfaster with minor improvements.

Here are some quick and inexpensive tips to improve the look of your home for prospective buyers/renters courtesy Moon Light Rental Ltd:

  1. De-clutter your yard! The first thing prospective customers see is your yard. If you have a lawn, have it trimmed before showings and ensure all walkways, drains and concrete areas are free of mould and dirt by power-washing or scrubbing with a solution of bleach and water. A clean yard is an inviting yard.
  2. Front porches/galleries should also be cleaned and made to look inviting to people who enjoy entertaining. If you have a nice patio set or simple chairs and an outside mat – arrange them as though you were expecting company. If the house is being sold/rented unfurnished – consider touch-painting so all surfaces look fresh and new.
  3. Inside the house: Two areas of a house can make/break a potential sale/rental – the kitchen and the bathroom(s). These areas MUST be cleaned thoroughly and the kitchen cupboards should be inspected pre-showing to ensure no insects have made your cupboards their home. The last thing a prospective customer wants is to open a cupboard and have a cockroach jump out and greet them. If your home has had problems with ants, invest in a simple TERRO liquid ant bait solution and place baits a few days before showings. Remember to remove all baits and dead insects before you show your place.
  4. Check your bathrooms and toilets thoroughly before you let prospective customers see your place. Make sure toilets are scrubbed clean and bathroom surfaces look clean to touch. Essentially your prospective customers should feel like the house is in move-in condition immediately.

You would be surprised to know the value of your property could go up by simply painting, power-washing and preparing it prior to a valuation or a sale.

Thinking about selling/renting your property? Give us a call at 221-8550 or 773-5468. Looking for a place to buy/rent, give us a call and let’s see if we could match you to your dream home.