The “DIY” trend hits T&T!

Much like the rest of the developed world, Trinidad and  Tobago is reeling from the worldwide economic slowdown. The effect that this has had on our domestic economy is also evident and as such, resilient Trinbagonians are at it again. This time, we are adapting by going the “Do it yourself” route for all things necessary at our homes and in some cases, even our work places.

The movement is also being fueled by the upsurge in available “starter kits” for everything from home  painting kits to “make your own concrete pavers” (I actually saw that today at The Home Store and would give it a try if the need arises) So how to you fit in? Are you a do it yourself-er or more inclined to leave it to the professionals? Either way, one would imagine that there are savings to be had all round, as the diversion of spend from pros to Home Kits is bound to drive down prices and make the services providers more aggressive than before.

The Pros of this new trend of course is the cost saving of doing it yourself , but there are also a number of other benefits that can include the bonding that comes with couples or family members working together on weekend projects and seeing almost immediate results, good or maybe not so good, its still a great way to bond. Also, the availability of new kits all achieving various results means that the options and choices have also increased for the homeowner. This means that there are new opportunities to express your personal style and taste.

The Cons are also very much present too! With all these new options to choose from the choices can become overwhelming, and of course the challenge of actually getting it done is a new pressure that will be added to the homeowner that braves the chance of becoming a do-it-yourself-er!

Bundled with the fact that the professional touch that comes with having the right tools, technique and know how is sometimes what you actually pay for and not just the product being installed.

Overall, I do personally think that there are more benefits to be gained from doing it yourself rather that calling in the experts as it does add to the sense of accomplishment knowing you “did it yourself”.